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Remanufactured 6 Pole Ignition

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NOS Stators
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Remanufactured Mini 6 with lighting


I have many NOS mini 6 stators that were originally manufactured to be used on a left side mount counterclock wise rotating engine. With a modification I have converted them to a be used on the right side mount clockwise rotating engine.Other than the modification these are NOS and have only been mounted for testing. They function as they should and should last 30 or more years like the original.

They are timed like a new type ignition not using the key in the keyway. Stator is mounted so wires exit case easily. Stator secured with 3 mounting screws.Piston
is then put into its BTDC position. Flywheel is put on loose so 2mm pin goes through flywheel into corresponding hole in the stator. Flywheel tapped on with a rubber mallet then flywheel can be tightened without moving piston. Recheck timing.

Vance Smith

4804 Downing Dr. P.O. Box 772

Lakeland, Michigan 48143