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Motoplat Lighting Exchange Program





We have had several requests recently for improved lighting with the 6 pole stator.

Common large & small 6 pole that are original Motoplat found on Sachs,KTM,Ossa, and Husqvarna's

Now we have an exchange program.

Send in your old stator. We will completely strip it and rewind it.

The new stator will provide very good 12 volt lighting.

A Malcom Smith Racing 12volt regulator will be included to prevent blowing bulbs.

A LED taillight bulb will be included with the exchanged 12 volt stator. Specify whether you need a vertical socket mount as with the CEV or horizoltal socket mount.

The timing hole will remain for ease of timing.

A single wire output will make installation easy. A diagram will be included.

These will come with a 5 year warranty.

Contact me for details and pricing.

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Vance Smith

4804 Downing Dr. P.O. Box 772

Lakeland, Michigan 48143